modified Dashboard software permitted at competitions?

Are teams permitted to modify the Dashboard software and use such modified software on the Classmate at competitions? (e.g. to view a second joystick instead of the gyro)


Yes, custom dashboards are competition legal

<R60> The control system is designed to allow wireless control of the ROBOTS. The Classmate PC, FirstTouch I/O module, cRIO-FRC, speed controllers, relay modules, wireless bridge, batteries, and battery charger shall not be tampered with, modified, or adjusted in any way (tampering includes drilling, cutting, machining, gluing, rewiring, disassembling, etc.), with the following exceptions:
**A. User programmable “dashboard” code in the Classmate PC may be customized. **

Thanks. I looked but I don’t know how I missed <R60>-A. I thought this was the case but one of the programmers told me it was not allowed.