Modified VI's question!! HELP!!

So I just modified the Joystick Input, for 2 joysticks for our robot. My question is which folder should I put this VI into? The Team Code Folder? If so, then don’t I have to modify the other VI’s in the Team Code folder for both of the joysticks to work? How do you run all the programs together?

Need a little more info:

Are you calling the Joystick Input in your team code already?
If so, then

  1. Open all your code that references the Joystick Input
  2. Modify the Joystick Input
  3. Save the Joystick Input using the File->Save As and then select Substitute copy for original. Save it to your Team Code folder. All the Vis that reference it (assuming they are open at the time of this save) will now point to the newly saved VI. I would suggest that you change the name of the new VI to something different (e.g. Joystick Input Example Team xxx) to avoid name collisions with the original Example vi. The fact that you are using a project will help avoid that, but a different name will ensure that you don’t collide the names.
  4. Save all the VIs that use the new VI so they remember that moved the Joystick Input