Modifying AndyMark Field for future games

Out of curiosity more than anything, how have teams that have purchased the AndyMark field perimeter modified it for use in the 2016 game, Stronghold?

Was it easy/cost effective? How easy do you feel it will be in future years to modify the field perimeter? If prior years show us anything, it’s that there isn’t always a consistent layout for the field perimeter (specifically the driver station wall layouts).

FIRST modifys it’s older fields every single year for the new game. This field is basically the same thing as any other field.

The key interfaces and dimensions between the different sections are common between the AM and original field perimeter.

FIRST liked the AM outriggers better than the originals so they have actually purchased the AM ones and now use them with their original fields. We use them in the PNW with our original fields too.

You could use an AM side system with the original end panels or the other way around.

FIRST has designed around those key interfaces for many years. So it is unlikely that you would have to modify anything to work with future games.

FIRST doesn’t want to modify their fields and to the best of my knowledge have not since it was introduced. They just substitute the game specific sections for the standard sections of just leave out standard sections. FIRST wants to design one game specific element that will work with either field since they know that there are districts that use the AM perimeter and they want to ship the same thing to every district.

So it is unlikely that you would have to modify an AM field to work with future games.

I think this question might be about modifying, say, a Recycle Rush field for Stronghold. In that case, the human player station and castle, as well as defense slots must be added. I believe the OP is curious how teams do that.

In 2015 we (Indiana) did not use all of the sections of side border for the AndyMark field to account for the HP station. This year all sections were used. This is also true for the uprights between the drivers stations.

To accommodate the 2016 Stronghold HP station we drill out rivets (5 per pin) rotated them and reattached to make 2 of the uprights per field end have one pin instead of two.

To accommodate the field lights we used a hole saw to cut a 1 3/4" hole in one side border section. We also drill 3/8" holes in the same side border lexan piece to allow for the low bar to be u-bolted in place.

There were a couple of game specific component that were designed to interface with the AndyMark field that differed from the ones for the FIRST fields.

Overall the modifications were very simple and should not be hard to reverse if necessary other than possible needing to replace two pieces of side border plastic.