Modifying KOP Drivetrain for Treads

Hey everyone,

Our team wants to have tank treads on our drive train this year, but we are debating how to implement it. We could possibly use the Rhino drivetrain from Andymark at but we already ordered the kit drive train and would like to use it instead of spending nearly $800 on two Rhino drive mechanisms and then figuring out how to combine them into one drivetrain.

Does anyone know how to or have experience in modifying the KOP drivetrain to run on treads?

I’m looking at doing this too but because we are a rookie team and broke we would have to just build a new side or highly modify the base. Maybe you should look at the same?

We are also looking into using the KOP chassis but with possibly a different wheel. A wheel with treads rather than using tank treading.

We have also checked out the rhino tread, but the consensus was it was too expensive for its risk (cost, delay, etc.)’

There are a couple other threads on treads, and someone posted this great resource:

While our team has not decided on a drive yet, this has helped us figure out how we would go about implementing the treads.