Modifying Pre built models on Pro E

I’ve been working on drafting for the team and i start with the Prebuilt assembly with Chassis and Wheels. My problem is that when I take the middle two wheels out I can save and not lose the rest of the chassis but when i reopen the robot assembly the next day it refuses to regenerate.

P.S. I havent used Pro E for a year and dont remember the limitations. Could someone help me?:ahh:

I will try to look at this tonight when I’m at the school with the team. I know the kids spent some time to get the long chassis assembled correctly and at the right size, but I have not looked into the assembly structure. I’ll post my findings tomorrow.

Does anyone know if Pro Program is disabled on the schools version? If so, is there another way to get user input of parameters when you regenerate?

PTC will be releasing an updated and enhanced KOP this Friday. We had a difficult time getting timely and accurate information from FIRST and their suppliers this year, which has delayed our delivery of a complete and robust KOP. Sorry for the mix up.

Correct, Pro/PROGRAM is not available in the Schools Edition. It appears Web.Link and J.Link are not available either. Without them, I do not know of way to prompt for input :frowning: