Modifying the AM14U2

So we wanted to build a slide (H) drive this year but I was wondering how would we switch out the 4 inch high grip wheels for 6 inch omni wheels with the same belts. Do we get new belts or do we just add 2 more gear boxes?

If you can use the same pulleys, or pulleys of the same size, and the new wheels fit within the frame, then you shouldn’t need to change anything else.

I was looking at the cad and there isn’t enough clearance for the for the 6 inch wheels unless we cut the chassis.

If we were to move the wheels, do you know how we could get different length belts?

You won’t be able to use the same belts.

Thanks for your help.
I think we are going to use the square config for the chassis but the wide config for the wheels as we cant afford the time needed to order new belts (we are in singapore). Do you think this will work?

That will work. You’ll just have to check if churros/standoffs will be in the way, but they can be easily moved by drilling new holes.

I believe that our team was going to try for the H drive too but now that I see this we may have to go through and think about what we are doing if we do it.

Thanks for the insight guys, it’ll sure help our team in knowing what to do this year.