Modle of Field

Anyone have an empty optimized model of the playing field??

What do you mean by “optimized?”

Onshape version of the field is available here: Onshape


by that I mean a good small file. :slight_smile:

Small file… for a full field CAD. Define “small”.


a file that is easy to work with and isn’t unreasonably large.

That really depends on the computer…


Exporting the STEP of the bare field I linked above is 1820 KB, which I feel meets any reasonable size requirements. This is the full detail perimeter. If you want to go less detailed/smaller I feel like you’re probably delving into making one yourself, but honestly 1820 KB for a field perimeter sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Depending on your needs, Autodesk Inventor provides an option called Shrinkwrap that reduces the file size according to the parameters you select. I often recommend this for students using the field model in 3DS Max.

Let me know and I can walk you through the process.

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