Modular Robot

We are planning on building a height limit box to mount to our robot for some matches to play defense. Would we need to be reinspected every time we mount it or could we get our robot inspected both with and without it at the start of our district events?

I think it depends on the Head inspector. Remember that even though the piece is detachable it is still weighted as part of the robot.

Get inspected with it on. If there is something else that can be mounted, that will need to be weighed with the robot as well, to make sure that the total weight is <120 lb.

Robots are specifically allowed to play with a subset of mechanisms present during inspection (T14). So, if you inspect with it on, you can play without it. If you don’t inspect with it on, you’ll need to be reinspected before you can play.

See T14. Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, yes, it’s allowed.