Module not working

Hello all,

We have been trying to control our solenoid for pneumatic system from cRIO module 9472. However, there is no light on the module. We have tried a few troubleshooting processes that we could find on the web. Even we can’t find solenoid entry on dashboard in test mode.

Any help is appreciated.

When you wire to the cRio solenoid module you have to supply power to the interface board. The module only provides closing contacts it does not provide the power to control the modules. There is a nice schematic on the side of the module that will explain this. You can choose 12 volts or 24 volts depending on the solenoids you are using. If you are using 24 volt solenoids, you can obtain that in parallel with the cRio power supply on the PD.

That suggests a problem with your program. Can you show us the code that involves the solenoid outputs you’re trying to make work?