MOE 365 Pit Design Available

Over the past few years, MOE 365 has had requests for detailed designs for our rolling pit set-up. Last year, one of our students and a mentor presented an analysis of our pit at the FIRST Robotics Conference.

Now, both the presentation and the Autodesk Inventor files are available on our MOE website at the following link. Feel free to check it out and download.

We have been very pleased with our pit set-up over the years. Being able to find a multitude of parts and equipment quickly has made our pit crew very efficient. For those of you who remember our MOEHawk year, our pit crew really needed to be efficient (as they had repairs to do after EVERY match). :smiley:


I remember you guys always having a very effecient pit crew. And if we ever needed your help with tools or anything you found them with very great ease. I am sure that many people will take your design and modify to suit their needs.(if they need to) Keep up the good work and see you guys in two days.

Just a note, I couldn’t get the presentation to open in Office for Mac 2008; it claims “This file has an older format that isn’t supported.” It opens fine in Keynote '08, though. Good stuff!