moe 365's 2004 robot

Anyone have a picture of Moe’s robot from 2004? It would be greatly appreciated

GO 1403!!!

I would have sworn it was them… maybe you would be able to help me. Do you remember which team it was that sucked the balls up through their chassis and into their body. They then reversed the motors to spit the balls back out to the human player

I believe I remember the killer bee’s doing that (33?). I also think I remember a certain NJ team with a robot that looked like a “fridge” (303?). I hope this helps.

There was also the technocats team 45. All of those teams did great jobs with the balls that year.

Yeah I think the Killer Bees 2004 bot is what they had in mind.

Here’s their photo gallery

Team 1403 did it, team 303, team 33, team 16 etc. and the list goes on. IMHO, I really think that team 303 came up with a great ball collector.

GO 1403!!!

Ball Collectors of 04, yeah we had a pretty nice one. Anyone remember the match between 303 and 1403 at the Chesapeake Regional?

Anyway, heres 303 i can’t seem to find any of my pictures of our 04 robot, and sadly we canabalized it for some strange reason…wasn’t my choice.

I’ve always wanted to see that match. Is there still a video of it floating around? On a related note, does anyone havepictures of BUZZ (175) in '04? (there aren’t any in the gallery)

I don’t remember how 1083’s robot performed, but it looks like they had a good ball vacuum as you are looking for. They were in the Florida Regional with this Bot. I have the picture on my computer, but how do I attach it to the post?


If your talking about Philly or Nats where we selected MOE as a partner it could be 177.

There is video of it here.

That link might not work very well for very long. We’re still working with the school to get everything with the website settled into place, and the page may move.

Yes the Bobcats was one of if not the best small ball handlers in 04. We played against them in philly and were very impressed. They were very consistent even when being defended and had a great human player. They should have a great year considering the skills necessary for this year’s game.