MOE Hall of Fame - Shoelace Designs

Our webteam has developed a webpage focusing on our Hall of Fame display in Altanta this year. The link is

Winners of our Hall of Fame button contest received MOE green shoelaces (affectionately called MOELaces). An additional part of the contest was for recipients to be creative with the shoelaces and design something with them that did not include tieing shoes.

We thank everyone who submitted an entry! Some photos of a few of these entries are posted at this webpage also.


The HoF page is beautiful.
I can’t wait to spend some time looking at everything this evening.

My son LOVED your booth and evidently spent a lot of time down there. Thanks for posting pictures. He is one of them, so I’ll have to show him tonight when he gets home from school.

Glad to hear it. Thank him for being creative and making something out of the shoelaces!