MOE "Slingshot" Screening - Delaware - March 7, 2015

MOE 365 will be hosting a “Slingshot” screening on March 7, 2015 in conjunction with a STEM Expo for the Delaware area. We thought we would wait until after the build season, so we can spend quality time to organize and advertise the event.

Looking to hear about other teams’ experiences with their “Slingshot” experiences.

All the best to teams who have upcoming screenings planned!


John - First of all - the movie is excellent! We screened it this week. We had a moderate turnout, 122 bought tickets and we had about 21 make contributions via TUGG. We weren’t able to sell concessions, nor raffle the signed poster, but both of those would have greatly enhanced our fundraising. We invited all of our team alumni, local college students and faculty, team sponsors, our team families. We also spoke with a few local hospitals, medical professionals and our metropolitan water company. We also invited all of the school district teachers, and administrators.
Ultimately, I think our timing was a big part of the lack of attendees Dec 18 is a tough time for people to spend an evening. We still had 600+ more seats in the audience we wanted to sell.
One of our students proposed an excellent idea that I am pursuing now. After watching the movie, we believe every student in our school should watch the film. We are hoping to get another screening, after Feb 17 of course, where we’ll invite the entire student body (2100 students) and our teaching staff and admins (nearly 120 more) to watch the film. It is an amazing film on many levels: English teachers and students - Dean’s thoughtful eloquence employs great use of the English language; the obvious connections for technology and entrepreneurs with the invention of all of the devices leading up to Slingshot; science connections to all of the inventors Dean admires and follows; geography and social study links to all of the locations where clean water is an absolute necessity and global politics that may impede or aid the innovations; teachers and administrators need to hear the message that we don’t have an education problem in the US, we have a motivation problem, and* FIRST *is only needed in the schools “who care about the students.” - read every school in the country…I could go on!
Most of all, our FIRST teams and mentors need to see the film to continue our work to improve the culture of our world.
I’d be happy to chat with you if you need more info! Best of luck to you this season and I hope the movie screening goes well for you. Enjoy!


Thanks for sharing feedback from your screening! I will use your feedback as we develop our event. Good luck if/when you hold a second screening after build.

All the best to FRC 144 this season! Enjoy the holiday.


Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Dave. We’d very much like to pursue your schoolwide screening of SlingShot next year after February 17th. Perhaps, you can make it another FIRST fundraiser.

John, we’re excited about MOE’s fundraiser on March 7, 2015. Please fill out a screening form if you haven’t already.


For all those interested, here’s a look at the newly completed SlingShot trailer:

Best - paul lazarus