MOE Troopers!!!!

Hey! Its me on the right!! Err… left!

I’m the guy with the Green hair, on the Left!..erm…Right!

I voted ur weird, were we supposed to judge just based on the picture?

i just voted that cause i know you.
just kidding

Hey thats me in the middle!!!
coco really needs to get a job or something to take up his time.

kyle is right… coco has way 2 much time on his hands judging from this poster. lol… :yikes:

Anyway… i voted that you are weird… well, because you are…lol
nice poster tho:p

Wow… Vince… I seriously wonder if you have a life… LOL, jk :wink:

I’m impressed Coco! That’s cool, and you guys don’t look all that bad either…haha sike! :wink:

Thanks to the numerous good responces, I’m unveiling another picture from my personal gallery.

Well, Coco, I guess I’ll follow the trend. Here is one of my first Photoshops.

By the way, this car is WAY better than any of the cars in that STUPID movie. Stickers don’t make you go faster. Only turbos and superchargers - no, not those Best Buy supercharged subwoofers - the kinds with compressors and turbines.

Did I mention that I sing in a choir? (No, REALLY I do)

I think MOE needs to have more frequant meetings to keep us busy, and sane…

Oh Lord, The two of you need…umm…more time spent working on Chairman’s Award stuff…that or lives. Which ever comes first…smile I like the pics though. Serge has no chin though…hehe

When you come over my house today, because all the MOE members know they are gonna be here, I’ll let you fool around with Photoshop 7.0, and make pictures of whatever you want.

Coco, I’m still waiting for my movie cover.

I’m working on it Carlo, I’m a artist, not a copy machine.

Vince, get a real, paying part time job, my friend… :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently “Uhm…you are weird…” is in the lead. No suprise there :stuck_out_tongue:

Who needs a job when I have friends like Brewster?

Or…who needs a job when you can win $500 in a photoshop contest? Let’s see if Coco can put his skils and excessive amount of free time to use and make some money!!!

Yeah, you told me about that Mer. I’m working on it. Iunno if I have much of a chance though. Thanks.

(Yes, I’m busy doing other things than messing with Photoshop. No, I’m not going to say what :p)