MOEmentum: FYI - For rookies - PRESEASON PREP

First Year Teams:

MOEmentum: FYI (First Year Infobase) is a compilation of tips and information, which we hope is helpful to teams as they progress throughout the fall FIRST PRESEASON and the Winter BUILD SEASON.

This information has been compiled for all to share. If you would like to see more information or would like to add some, please respond via options on the MOEmentum website.

A new section has been added to MOEmentum on how to build and address the stakeholders of your team. Please check out MOEmentum: FYI - PRESEASON I at

Hope y’all are having a great pre-season! :smiley:

i just read that and not only is it a fantastic rookie tool, but it can help some of those veteran teams out there too. Great job guys and thanks for all the help.

Yay, more MOEmentum! You guys rock. :]