MOEmentum: FYI - Post Ship "The Bot's in the Box. Now What?"

“Where did those past 6 weeks go?” Congrats teams on surviving the build season!

MOEmentum: FYI (First Year Infobase) was developed to provide some realtime tips to first-year FIRST teams.

If you are a veteran team (that means all “non-rookies”) and you have some info you would like to share through MOEmentum, please let me know.

Post-ship “The Bot’s in the Box - Now What?” is now available online at

Hope everyone’s crate was shipped successfully. See you at the competitions!

I learned something from this and I am on MOE :slight_smile:

NEMO has published a white paper, “Tips for 2006-Checklist for post-ship/pre-competition” which teams may also find helpful.

now it is time to:

  1. spend time with your family
  2. for students pick up your grades
  3. get some rest
  4. practice
  5. practice