MOEmentum: FYI - Week 4 "Hey, It Looks Like a Robot!"

Hope y’all are having fun. Anyone get hit in the head with a Poofball yet? :ahh:

MOEmentum: FYI Week 4 “Hey, It Looks Like a Robot!” is ready for reading.


I havent been hit in the head but most my team has…and somones glasses bent too…

Team t-shirts should be ordered… Hmmm. That might mean we should consider designing ours. Oy. Everything else we (1604) are right on the money.

::changes hats::

Week four just ended?!!?! Our robot isn’t running yet, we(1390) need another 4 weeks! crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap.

It’ll be finished when its all said and done.

It’s supposed to look like a robot by now?
Uh oh … Honey, I’m going to be home late…

Does FedEx charge extra for handling the Moe crate? Seems like it must be hazardous in some way…



No wonder it doesn’t look like a robot yet!

Okay, Kressly. You’ve got me thinking. If it doesn’t look like a robot yet, what DOES it look like?


team 1322 robot is starting to look like something. But we all still wonder if our robot could be run on hamster power!!! We are running out of time and no we haven’t even thought about team shirts!!! Yikes!!! Hope the pet store doesn’t run out of hamsters otherwise we might have to resort to the smaller gerbil. :cool:

we had a guy get heit by a ball after we tried the shooter on a 18v. drill battery(just for kicks) quite amusing… hes alright… its a laugh…

Kressly, Kressly, Kressly… if our thing doesn’t look like a robot yet, then we obviously have a lot more work to do… No more social life for Ira…


we should be done in two weeks

We should be done soon.

  1. We have a running Robot
  2. We have a working scoring mechanism.

Now we just gotta make them work together =]

Haha, looks like one of my teams is not fully behind the times =]. We are having fun, but the severity of the 6 weeks finally opened some eyes. We are cranking out a robot slowly yet effectively on 1543 =]

we’re nearly completed…

the camera tracking is done with minor adjustments pending once it’s mounted to the robot

the drive system has been improved so that the fuses don’t trip

all mechanical devices should be done so we can start dirving it with everything done soon

about the poofball one of our mebers got hit in the head with a ball coming out of our lancher and we got it on tape!
we have since edited a video of the shot and added slow-mo and cartoonish sound effects :slight_smile: :smiley:

hmmm… haven’t heard of any poofballs hitting any heads yet, but again i wasn’t able to be there to see it test driven. It does look like a robot though, :cool: thank goodness for that!

Not yet, but we have had a successful test of our shooter.

Plenty of people have been hit in the head by poof-balls… while playing dodgeball, of course. :cool:

No one got hit in the head with a poofball yet, but while we were assuming that the drivetrain was still working like the last time we tested it, it didn’t and ended up running over a team member. :stuck_out_tongue: