MOEmentum Week 2 - Prototyping / Basic Design Completion

MOEmentum: FYI - Week 2: “Robot Build - Prototyping / Basic Design Completion” is available at the following website.

M:DEmentum: FYI (First-Year Infobase)

FIRST is a constantly expanding organization with new teams cropping up every year. Because so much is demanded in such a short period of time, many new (or rookie) teams often find themselves rapidly over whelmed. Fortunately, it is a part of the FIRST tradition to assist rookie teams through out the course of the build and competition season.

Team 365 or M:DE from Wilmington, Delaware is no exception. As we are entering our seventh season, we well know that the experience, while at times challenging, is nothing short of incredible. Therefore, in the spirit of Gracious Professionalism, we have created M:D Emetum: FYI to assist new teams.

Informed weekly via e-mail during the season, many teams will find the M:DEmentum: FYI articals to be full of helpful TIPs from student and adult members, and adult mentors. In addition, there are also documents that our team finds helpful in orginizing our meetings.

Good luck to all teams this season, especially First-Year Teams!

M:DE 365