MOEmentum: Week 5 - "Break Robot. Re-engineer. Repeat."

MOEmentum: FYI (First Year Infobase) was developed to provide some realtime tips to first-year FIRST teams.

If you are a veteran team (that means all “non-rookies”) and you have some info you would like to share through MOEmentum, please let me know.

Build Week 5 “Break Robot. Re-engineer. Repeat!” is now available online at

Hope everyone’s robot is coming along well. See you at the competitions!

Just took a quick peek … don’t have time to read it all. Great Job !! This looks like a fantastic resource for rookies, AND veterans, alike …

This is excellent! You sure put alot of time and work into this! It is already saved in my “favorites” and will be a valuable resource for next year! Thank you!


Thanks for the kind comments. Since this is MOEmentum’s inaugural year, we wanted to get basic info out when we thought it would be most used. Going forward, we plan to add more organization and thought to the format. Also, we would like to incorporate “best practices” from other FIRST teams.

Best of luck with the remainder of the build season.