MOEmentum: Week 5 - "Break Robot. Re-engineer. Repeat"

Week 5 ALREADY!?!?!?!?!

Question of the week - who has inflicted some serious damage to their robot during driving / functionality testing? :smiley:

MOEmentum: Week 5 “Break Robot. Re-engineer. Repeat” is updated and ready for reading.


NOTE: The dates of when awards are due is incorrect in this week’s MOEmentum. There will be a corrected update shortly.

Hope we’re all having fun!

my team hasn’t. we lost our mentor who had the idea of intentionally attempting to break it (dropping off ramps, telling us to run full speed at the 30 degree incline) because “its better to break it now than at Annapolis”. this statement was generally followed by “how about we don’t try to break it”

Thats my goal. TRY to break it now when we can fix it. However, I haven’t come close. I actually got to drive it (unthethered) tonight and its pretty awesome.

Our robot this year is SOLID. We’ve intentionally driven it into walls, desks, chairs, old robots, and people and it barely has a scratch. We’ve dubbed it “Frank the Tank”.

Also note we haven’t quite weighed it yet…calculated weight, on paper and Inventor says 90lbs (which leaves a whole 20lbs for chain and other crap)…however something tells me we will be a bit over 110lbs, and breaking out the 3/4" drill bits to commense cheese holing.

we broke ours, sort of.

we were paranoid about weight this year so we made everything a little to thin. we had it mostly put toegether and driving (still no arm) and electronics was unhappy with their shielding. they said it wouldnt be enough to protect against being hit with a robot. so we slammed last years robot into this years. the part they wre worried about did bend a little, and since we werwe about 40 pounds underweight (yes 40, its insane) we doubled the thickness of everything, and now everyones happy.

we have done damage while testing. it is a hard competition this year. will anyone who has finished their robot please post a picture of their teams robot.
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