Moffett Field Pre-shipping Practice

Hello FIRST teams,

We know everyone is super busy building and trying to get everything done by February 18. There was some discussion going back and forth on the WRRF e-mails about teams getting together the weekend before shipping to practice and scrimmage. We have been working with NASA to see if we can get teams access on Sunday, February 16th for teams to practice. NASA notified us today that we should be able to get access to Moffett Field for any WRRF and bay area/northern California FIRST teams on the 16th. So that we can get the paperwork done in time to get team members onto the base, we will submit a list to NASA of any teams who have preconfirmed with us that they would like to come up on February 16th. If there are other options for bay area teams, that’s great. If our facility/location is convenient, and making it accessible would be helpful, please let us know and we will make arrangements for your team. We need to submit the list of teams to NASA on Tuesday; please notify us by Monday evening if your team would like to join us and others on the 16th.

We, Team #254, have set up the field so that we can have scrimmage matches with alliance stations powered on both sides of the field. The field, ramp and hill are very close to spec and should allow teams to get some good practice. We will also have a scale and with the help of some WRRF members, teams can go through a low key “practice” inspection to help catch any possible issues in advance of the regional. We can also stage “scrimmage” matches (not sure how we’ll work out the autonomous period, but that can be worked on). Our hope is that this day can be a fun day for teams to test their robots, get some advice/help from some veteran teams if needed, and scrimmage with some other teams to help get their drivers, human players, and coaches some practice. We’ll have the field open from 9am till 5pm (opening/sharing practice and inspection help for a couple hours, then we’ll stage some scrimmage matches for a couple hours).

We’re happy to host this, and just ask that each team bring the following:

  • one scoring container (as a number are sure to get damaged)
  • their controllers, modem, AND a power cord/extension cord
  • 2 charged batteries and their charger (depending on how long you hope to run your robot)
  • a tether for their robot (teams need to be tethered when not running on the field, so they don’t interfere (frequencies) with other robots)

Our facility space is limited (there are lots of pros and cons to working up at Moffett Field - some of the drawbacks being big transportation, security, and access issues) so depending on turnout, we probably can’t get access for entire teams. Depending on how many teams respond by Monday evening (Feb 10), we think each team will be allowed to bring 4-8 people (must have at least one teacher or engineer over 21 with them). We will confirm the details and how many team members can come by Wednesday, February 12th, once we know how many teams are coming.

If your team wants to participate, please e-mail me to let me know the following info:

  • Your team number and school
  • Any specific needs/problems which your team may need help with
    Also, let me know if you or a member of your team would like to volunteer to help run some matches and inspect teams

I hope everyone is doing well as we enter Week 6 and look forward to seeing you on Sunday the 16th and/or at the Silicon Valley/Sacramento Regionals!

[email protected]