Ok, per the idea at I started a few threads that people can contribute to… this is one, because the main thread is so filled with ideas and stuff but… its sooo long! No organization. This is an attempt to bring that organization to the project. Maybe I’ll post something here too. Oh well, post away!

This is probably going to be a “WEATHER VANE” thread,

The one that shows how much everyone is Realty Committed
to the project.

I have some ideas on how to obtain 2or3 4WD Trucks (Donated)

and LARON (where I work) has given permission to use the shop
for building (lathes, mills, pattern torch,metal fabrication equip.,
auto-cad, basically a full shop and then some, storage, the list goes on,and on, see early post for Laron web site)

Trained & Experienced help

Got ot go

I will see what I can do about getting some support from the various sponsors i have for my organization