monitoring electrical draw of CIM-motors (CAN bus)

Our team is struggling in regards to monitoring and controlling the output of electricity and electrical draw with CIM motors. We want to decrease and monitor the amount of amps during certain tasks and are wondering how to do this. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

One of the best parts of the new control system is the built-in current monitoring on the PDP over CAN. It should be fairly simple to get the value for each port; what you do with that data is up to you. We can’t really be more helpful until you tell us what language you are using.

There are also current sensors inside Talon SRXs, and regardless of robot language you can tune the controller’s internal PID loop to have almost direct control over current. This doesn’t really allow you to just limit the current by limiting the output though.

EDIT: Scratch that last bit, I was mistaken.

I think the OP would prefer current-limit versus current-control-mode. Talon SRX supports both.

If the OP is not using Talon SRX, PDP current measurement could be used for rudimentary control with a custom implementation in the RIO.

Oh, it supports both? Good to know, thanks.