Monkey controls robot with thoughts

I read this article when i got home from work this morning.

I just wanted to get people opinions and reactions to it. I think this is one of the biggest breakthroughs of our time. I really want to see a video of this.
I’m practicaly speechless.

very cool.

i don’t know what to say right now, that is just amazing. i will post more in a little bit when i get over my astonishment…

Good points:
Can we use this for the 2005 competition to eliminate the joysticks?
Will the brain implants be included in the kit of parts or it will be eliminated from the kit of parts like the joysticks?
Are the implants one sizes-fit-all?
Will it be like the Matrix? Do we get a reclining chair too?
Do they come it different colors?
Are they wireless?
Can it control other things- like the TV, CD, and DVD player?
Will it take MP3?

Bad Point:
Are the monkeys smart then us or are we down at the level of the monkeys?


LOL!!! HAHA during our build season in 2003 we had a joke with monkeys i cant wait to tell my team about this thanks for posting. Look on our website under pictures for a pick of a cool monkey!~!

Do we also get sips of juice when we win? Much better than trophies.

They haven’t done this to a human yet, so maybe we need a monkey. And maybe they’ll put a monkey in the kit too. That would be great - last year we always said we needed a real monkey for our mascot (the Prank Monkey!).

Is this bad though?

What happens if you plug yourself into a Windows computer, and it crashes? Would you crash too?

Does this mean we all have to start using Linux and Max OSX? :stuck_out_tongue: