Monterrey Regional 2018

Of all the competitions that I am watching today, this is my favorite.

The Robots are an amalgam of abilities reminiscent of early seasons in FIRST.

The production values are outstanding and something that I don’t think few webcasts will be able to match. Interesting field view perspectives and cable cams.

Hearing the Game Announcing in Spanish adds to the international flavor. (Here’s hoping that Turkey will have a webcast.)

The arena is pretty cool too and the field is well lit.

If you enjoy watching matches extra early in the morning and not understanding what the MCs or GAs are saying, Israel should have webcasts for all of our events.

Did you see 3478 lift other robots?
Do you know what match(es)?

It really makes me happy to hear that, I was MC and Game announcer some matches, I think it went really well for our first time doing this regional! Looking forward for future years as it continues to grow!!

I was on the field for most of the regional and I didn’t see Lambot (3478) lift up a single robot. They tried once but it looked like they didn’t have the force to do so and they just gave up. I forget the match number though but it was one of the earlier ones, the morning of Friday

They did so well in all the matches anyways that I’m certain they didn’t need to ever use it

I´m a mentor from LamBot, we never lifted a robot for 3 main reasons,

  1. due to the size of the ramps only robots with a with smaller than 30" (Excluding bumpers) could fit
  2. Because of that at some matches we could’nt lift any robots at all and in the matches we could the robots didn´t get on the ramps.
  3. In the match 2 robots “did” get on the ramps one of them had one set of wheels completley outside the ramp since we were winning by over 100 points we did´nt whant to riks flipping it over.

We are working on improvements to make the ramps more accesible for most robots, but the robot hanger is strong enough as it is right now to lift 2 other robots.