Montreal Robotics Festival : Match 21

Hello! Does anyone have a video or a link to Match 21 (Blue: 3989, 3544, 3382; Red: 3975, 3117, 1075) from the 2014 FRC Montreal Robotics Festival? Thanks!

Hi, I’m the team leader of team 3117. It was a great match ! We did great strategy. I saw that it’s not archive on Watch first now and I didn’t film it. If I can find someone who has it, I will let you know.

Here you go!

All of the Montreal matches are archived here.

It seems taht matchs 1 to 14 are not there ??

I will do my best to get them up early next week. I do have them recorded, fear not.

@Bochek, there is a mixup with the semi finals matches on WFN: semi finals 2-2 should be 1-2, and 2-3 should be 2-2.

Thanks a lot for the videos, it’s awesome !!!

Thanks for the heads up, All fixed!

Do you still have match 1 to 15 of the 2014 Montreal regionnal ? It’s not archive and we would really appreciate. Thanks and regards…