Monty Madness -- Lost Sunglasses

At Monty Madness, I lost a pair of black DSO sunglasses. I have a feeling one of the teams next to us accidentally grabed them off the pit table when cleaning up. If anyone has found they accidentally grabed them or found them could they send me a PM. Thanks

You may want to speak to somebody like Conor Ryan or Aroon (slickguy here), who are on team 1403 who I believe help organize that event. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Conor Ryan and Aroon would be great contacts. You may also want to Try David Kazan (Kazand on CD) He was the man at Monty Madness.

I’ll ask around, I’m not sure if they got a Lost and Found together, but I’ll ask the guys that worked on the take down in the pits and see if they found anything.

Genia-Aroon did a lot more organization for the event than me (I study for classes)

It seems to me that I saw some glasses on a table after the Main Gymnasium was cleaned-up. Perhaps one of the Monty high schoolers could check the school’s lost and found. There were only two other things that were found were a mentor’s backpack and a student’s wallet. Both of those were fedexed out this morning to them.

haha… you are gonna pay for that one :stuck_out_tongue: . i do own sharpies…

Master Dictator, i will add that to the list of things that i have to look for.

Wow thanks for the quick responce. Thanks for looking guys.