moochin off omni!

Us stuck here at the wyndham have hope! These mean people are making us pay for the wireless, but my balcony is facing the omni and im wifi off them!OMG this is just great!

haha i dont have to pay a thing in my ehh… hotel either…

probably because im home :mad:

Well, I’m staying at the omni, thank god, for free internet.

I hope that you realize (as well as all the other interned-blessed people in Atlanta) that you are required to update the rest of the world or risk facing my wrath. :wink:

If you don’t know about my wrath, just ask anyone from the FantasyFIRST draft.

Haven’t heard about the frisbee thing at championships.

Have decided to pass out our frisbees at omni hotel Friday night.

Hope to have a pool party/frisbee party at omni friday night. Our team’s staying in.


and year… if anyone from 237, 173, or 521 gets online… please update your match lists, so i can watch them :slight_smile:

Marriot has free internet, is any team down on like exit 250 west peachtree thats were we are we didnt go thru FIRST package

The Omni is awsome free broadband internet is the best i can finally use my network adapter for my ps2 at a hotel and i can be on my laptop which also is awsome

i don’t think that the super 8 gives us wifi, but in some places, we can actually see a network, so i’m using that now.

Yeah, I’m on the omni connection right now.

after coming back to my room and seeing 40905903950345 netsends :rolleyes:

I didn’t think I should start a new thread to ask this question so I decided to post it in here.

Is anyone staying at the Westin Hotel Peachtree Plaza and know if they have internet?

[EDIT] I was PM’d and the question was answered. It’s yes it’s available there, but you have to pay for it. [EDIT]

Can you see our SSID? It should be listed as " )( chalking" (w/o quotes)

tom its not too easy to get internet access where we are (its nothing like your uhm “hotel”)im goign to take my laptop over to the com. center durring lunch break and ill post a match list, but trust me the webcast is just as “wonderfull” always.

Ill try to pm you or post match info here.

I had a great signal on the 7th floor but lost it at the 3rd.

Hey we may not be able to get the signal at the netless Holiday Inn, but we are using it every chance we get at the CNN Center.

They need wireless in the pits at all these competitions for the net.

ya next year someone has to be able to work wiht the venue so some one can supply the pits with wireless