MOON MARS Workshop Invitation

26-28th September 2003, Bremen, Germany

Dear All,

You are kindly invited to check our website and apply
to the workshop at Please help to
spread the word by forwarding this message! Thanks

The organisers

The MOONMARS Workshop is a youth event, the first of
its kind to evaluate the commonalities between current
Moon and Mars exploration plans. The aims of the
workshop are three-fold:

-To generate a unified youth perspective on the
benefits of a combined strategy for the exploration of
the Moon and Mars and to advocate this to the space
community at large.
-To bring together and promote the cooperation between
the ‘camps’ of advocates for both lunar and martian
-To allow students and young space professionals to
meet, work with and learn from experts in the field of
Moon and Mars exploration.

All young space enthusiasts are encouraged to apply to
become delegates to the workshop. Financial support
is available for early applicants and those from
developing countries.

As a delegate you will join one of nine working
groups, each concerned with a different aspect of moon
and mars exploration. Your working group, lead by an
experienced moderator, will be your team from when you
are accepted as a delegate, right through the workshop
and perhaps beyond!

The online forums will allow you to get to know the
other delegates and to prepare yourself for the
workshop. These forums are now set up under - waiting for your input!

Throughout the workshop you will be able to draw on
the expertise of invited experts and the creativity of
other young enthusiasts. The workshop’s co-location
with the 3rd European Mars Convention (EMC3) will also
allow you to exchange ideas with outside experts. Each
working group will present its findings at the end of
the workshop.

Some working groups will be able to further present
their results in a plenary session with EMC3 and in
technical sessions of the 54th International
Astronautical Congress.

The workshop will give you an opportunity to develop
fresh ideas and get them heard!

Have your say. Apply at
Application Deadline: 14th August, 2003

it would be a good thing if the youth could become even more involved in sci/tech…

I have been accepted into the MoonMars workshop… whahoo!

Now if only I could find a way to pay for it :frowning:

Perhaps I shall just kindly decline the invitation and hopefully I could attend next year. (that, unless any of you would be willing to sponsor :wink: )