Moose Crossing

I just returned from a trip throughout the NE U.S. and Canada. During my adventures, I saw many signs that said ‘Moose’ on them. With the difficulty of driving on the interstate and taking pictures at the sane time, I failed to get a picture. Would someone who lives in the area of one of these caution ‘Moose’ signs that are yellow, be as so kind as to send me a picture of one of them? Our team’s go-home-device was called Moose, and as it’s driver, I would love to have one of those pics. Thank you very much in advance.

I see “Moose Xing” signs all the time. However, I have only seen moose twice! And I’ve lived here all my life! Which do you need? And by when? (I got to get my camera working, and I got to locate a sign).


Heh, i found a couple moose signs.

No moose signs here…but i found this one on the internet.

It still catches me off guard sometimes when I realize that there are people in this world that don’t live around moose (mooses if you like). Seem to be as many moose around here as their are chipmunks.

I remeber some one from Texas who was in my store asking what kind of deer it is that turns into a moose and how old does it have to be…

Although, those signs are no joke. Plenty of people have died from hitting moose. When you hit them they fall over onto the car windshield and crush you. Even worse, their so tall that all you see in your headlights is their legs. Hit a moose and you’re not going to be in a good mood. Neither is the moose I suppose.

-Andy A.

hehehe… so many moose live around here :). I was walking to school one day when I was in elementary school and I saw a moose walk across the street into someones backyard who lived down the street for me, when i got to school I heard desperate calls for help on my principals walkie talkie thing from my neighbor telling him that there was a moose swimming in her pool and that he might go on a rampage and kill all the kids, needless to say , we were quickly ushered off the playground into the school, and animal control came and rescued the swimming moose who had ruined the poor womans pool…

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**I see “Moose Xing” signs all the time. However, I have only seen moose twice! And I’ve lived here all my life! Which do you need? And by when? (I got to get my camera working, and I got to locate a sign).

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I saw the sign that just had ‘Moose’ on it in Vermont, I believe it was near Burlington. For a while all the signs said ‘Moose Crossing’ than they just became ‘Moose’. If you happen to see a sign that says ‘Moose’ on it, sure I’d like a pic!! But these will do for my purposes!
Thanks Everyone!!!:slight_smile:

Do you mean this one???

(i used to love these when I was little)

How’s this?



Thanks again everyone! These are all great, they made me laugh even more! Some of them I did not see on my adventures, the yellow sign with just the word ‘Moose’ was the one I was trying to locate! Thanks, PhoenixMDM! I am going to attempt to screen print it to a shirt. I really appreciate all of your help!

When I was in Arizona these past few weeks I saw a lot of signs for Elk crossings on my way to the Grand Canyon… I thought that was kinda weird… And then there are always the Quail/Roadrunner/Coyote crossing signs by Tempe … … …

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On the same trip that I had the encounter with the Moose signs, I was traveling through Boston on I-95 around 4:00, and a wild turkey was walking down the burm!

I get wild turkeys walking through my backyard, rotfl!

omg wow…
i have this thing for moose…
anyways while i was on a trip (i believe it was in south dakota) i found myself a moose crossing sign… what do ya know if i get a chance ill take a picture of it… the cool part is that it actually says moose crossing on it with a very nice picture of a moose on it. unfortunately no moose live by me… i guess they dont like the woods of illinois :frowning:
i found it quite interesting that you asked for something like that because i happened to have one right next to me when i read your post. :smiley:

hehehe, great minds think alike, hehehe:D