more buttons

we are using the 360 and we have 6 SWs that work. we want to get 10. so is there a way to write it so that we can activate the other switches.

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What mode is it configured for? If you have 6 Switches working, then the configuration routine should allow you to enable 12 switches.

we are currently running with mode 4.
Below i would explain our current situation, we have already been struggling with this problem since the beginning of the competition and we really need some help…

Yes… it is supposed to have 12 switches, but we only have 6 working which are the only ones that are in the code, we have the A B X Y buttons working(which in the code is written as the aux 1-4) and the wheel or the right analog in the xbox controller to just go back and forth(this is written in the code as the p1_wheel we get it to work, but we want it to work both ways, meaning the X and Y being two different motors, right now if we move it up/down left/right it goes either up or down for one single motor, we want it to go up/down a motor and left/right another motor.]<-thats another problem we have).

what we are really trying to do is to get enough numbers of buttons to work with certain motors, like i already said, we already have the simple default buttons working but we need some extra ones any way we could. we are guessing that we have to somehow define the extra buttons in the aliases, but we don’t know how, right now, there is only the 4 buttons that is in the default, and the wheel which we added.

thanks for all of you people who are trying to help us out.:confused:

I’m confused here. You’re using Mode 4 for an Xbox 360 controller. If so, this makes a total of 2 axes and 12 buttons available. The two axis for mode 4 are the right joystick, and the 12 buttons are whatever buttons you’ve selected as per the configuration instructions for the chicklet.

Assuming your on port one, the right joystick’s axes are the variable p1_x and p1_y. The first four buttons are p1_sw_trig, p1_sw_top, p1_sw_aux1, and p1_sw_aux2. The remainder of the buttons are stored in p1_wheel and p1_aux in the most significant bits, which you have to test for with something like



Or are you just trying to use the default code without custom programming?

Hey, thanks for the help, but we really don’t understand what u mean by


what are we supposed to do? is that like the defining process?

That’s typical code that you’ll have to write to use those buttons, at least in MPLAB. I’m guessing there is something similar in EasyC.

If you are using the default code without any changes, you probably can’t use those buttons.

well we are using the mpLAB but could you tell me how to write it cuz it still is not working as we want.

What are you trying to do? Specifically, what do you want each of the 12 buttons you’ve programmed to do? (i.e. "we want button #8 to run the motor attached to pwm08)

do you have any kind of messenger we could talk in (msn, Aim,yahoo) because we could explain everything to you faster and a lot easier like that…

Nope, sorry. (And I’m at the Connecticut Scrimmage now, actually)