More camera problems...

Our servos are working but it is spazing out on us. It is trying to seach for colors on TwoColorTrack demo, but it only locks on for a few seconds before it spazzes out. Can anyone help?

I’m also a member of this team and what we learnt is that the servos r spazzing and even when we shut the camera down it’s still spazzing so it’s not traking the servos r just not functioning correctly…we don’t know what to do!!!

Please be a little more specific than “spazzing”.

When the vision tracking code doesn’t see the target, it moves the camera servos in a search pattern to seek it out. When it does see the target, it tries to center the camera on it. If your servos or camera aren’t in the same orientation as the code expects, the camera will seem to avoid the target instead of tracking it.

My servos sometimes move a bit even when no code is running on the cRIO, even when no power goes to the cRIO. The move is a small glitch of a few degrees.

Check your servo connectors at both ends. The servo cables may not have good strain relief, and you may be able to provoke this by wiggling the cable. If so, replace the servo or the cable.

Greg McKaskle spazzing I mean just moving out of control and 2.thx we’ll try that