More Caterpillar Job Postings?

You Betcha!

Two postings just went up for our Power Electronics Controls group. These are the folks who design and implement the closed loop controls on the power electronics for our machines that have electric drive.

While you wouldn’t be working directly with yours truly, you’d still be around the same office, and these do include lots of those same perks mentioned previously :slight_smile:

Developing electric and electric-powered drivetrains and power sources is a pretty non-trivial expansion point for Caterpillar.

So, if you’re up for a fast-paced development role in a company with a solid track record already, Apply above!! Open invitation again, if any of this is of interest, feel free to PM me, or ask questions here!!


I’ve looked into some of Cat’s power electronics/motor drives professionally… Good stuff! Very high power density liquid cooled goodness.

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You’ve also just described a tank full of diesel, which we know plenty about as well.


…and who doesn’t like really big machines?



How does one change those tires? :eyes:

They have an app for that.

I’ll go with a very large bottle jack, and some kid holding a floodlight while their dad is grumbling about it being pointed in the wrong spot.

Much harder to lose the lug nuts in the snow though.


WD-40 and a torch? lol

Big forklift:

Also yes.

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Amazing video. Great example of technical terminology at 2:06 :roll_eyes:

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oh geeze. That’s what I get for posting a video I only scrubbed through in 10 seconds, on mute.

Frustration scales linearly I guess.

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That’s more straightforward than I thought it would be, but the scale is still throwing me. Watching those massive tires vibrate when they’re pulled off is pretty fun.

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