More drill motor problems, jeeze.

Hey i got another problem not brought up yet. To you remove the pins you take the top blu part off the black bottom part. Ok well our motor begun doing that by itself during operation. Any sugeestions.

wish i wasnt a dern rookie,

One motor of ours actually did this once too - but only after it snapped the white clutch ring in two places. Though the ring was already cracked before it did that…

Just a guess,
You had the transmission mounted in one spot. When the drive delivered power either the front (the clutch assy) turned or the transmission turned. Since the clutch is a twist and lock onto the front of the transmission, you must secure both pieces to prevent them from twisting apart.

The key to mounting these things (as far as rotation/torque is concerned), based upon the design of the motor mounts supplied by first, is securing and holding down the two small black thingies toward the front and on the top of the tranny that are sticking out a bit (they are about 1/2" long). I’m not sure if this would help, any…

Ian your silly posting a reply to your own teams post.

I thought the key was in the mountings too. My teacher seems to think adding spacer between the hex and the gear box.