More E-Mail Notifications

Hello. Happy Holidays, etc.

Just wanted to point everybody over to their ‘edit profile’ / ‘edit options’ / ‘control panel’ page. There is a new link on that page, entitled ‘Email Notifications’. On that page you can choose when you want to get notified about certain events (ie: White Papers, Images, Ventures System events)

You can choose to receive emails on that page by clicking the checkbox next to each item. Hopefully the descriptions are clear enough. All notifications are off by default – so go set yours up.

If you have any ideas for other e-mail notifications you’d like, let me know. They’re relatively easy to add to the system.

Also, let me know if it goes crazy & emails you 24748230947 times :slight_smile: Thanks.


PS: The Ventures e-mails arent set up to work yet … but they will be soon. There will also be per-event e-mails you can set up on the event detail page. (ie: when it opens, almost closes, and when results are calculated) I’ll get these into place in the next few days.