More exposure for Dean

I heard today that Dean Kamen is going to be on NPR’s Talk of the Nation: Science Friday tomorrow. (Later today for those of you on the east coast.)

Here, it is on from 11 am to 1 pm on 89.3 KPCC, Pasadena. Check Science Friday Stations for times and stations near you.

Dean Kamen will be the guest on National Public Radio’s show “SCIENCE FRIDAY.” In the SF Bay area
this means at Noon.:slight_smile:

I was just listening to 91.3 in south florida, where Science Friday is supposed to be on from 2-3pm today, and when they mentioned it, they didnt say anything about Kamen. I will however be recording it, and by Monday, I should be able to upload an MP3 of the chat. Here’s hoping Kamen is on.

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Science Friday is a 2 hour show. It is possible for each affiliate to choose to only air a part (either the first or second hour) of the show. Dean is going to be on in the second hour, which here in Rochester is 3-4.

More details are on Science Friday’s website. You can also get a list of live internet streams:

I guess I’ll have to go bugger someone else about an MP3 of the show then, eh? B^P. Anyone willing to help out this Kamen fanboy?

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I’m trying to record an MP3, we’ll see if it works…never done this before.

I missed the first 20 minutes of the interview, but the part I’ve heard so far is quite good.

The good news: SciFri archives its programs, and I will be listening to the rest of it later.

The Indianapolis NPR station, WFYI, 90.1 FM broadcasts the first hour of Science Friday at 2:00 PM on Friday and the second hour at 9:00 AM on the following Monday. I plan to listen Monday.

Did Dean say anything about FIRST?

Dean talked about all his different inventions: the insulin pump, heart stent, ibot, segway, etc…

He also went through the history of FIRST in 5 minutes and took some calls. He tried to get an inventor from Clevland to join a FIRST team there :wink:

This is like holding up a copy of “Amazing Fantasy 15” (correct me if i’m wrong) to Spiderman Fans, then quickly taking it away causing a dented spine. It’s enough to hurt. So anyone get that NPR bit recorded? I heard something also about being able to listen to NPRs previous broadcasts on the web… time to go searching…

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I MISSED IT!! grrr

anyone recorded it??? or can u give me where its archived?

Here’s the link:

Science Friday Jan. 25, 2002

The link that Mark gave is a little confusing. The first two links to the Real Audio on that page lead to the recording of the first hour. Only the one on the very bottom lets you hear the second hour, which is the one with Dean. His segment starts 6:50 into that segment.

The direct link is:

I also have a 18mb MP3, if you need it, I can figure out some way to get it to you.

Thanks! I hadn’t gotten that far…

*Originally posted by Joe Ross *
I also have a 18mb MP3, if you need it, I can figure out some way to get it to you. **

Joe uploaded it to

you can find it here at this link

It’s 18 megs, FYI…



Err, that is to say, thanks!

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