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Hi Forum surfers,
I was just cleaning out this barn so that I can turn it into my house and found a couple of very small, but heavy boxes full of lathe bits. They were left behind by a long gone previous owner. They look as if they have never been used. They still have the plastic resin on the sharp ends. I’m not sure whether thay are for wood or metal though.

I would use them myself, but I don’t have the rest of the equipment. Why would I? I’m a writer, not a machinist.

I’ll just stick them in the back of my van when I go down to River Rage to check out the action tomorrow.
Since I don’t have a picture yet… I’m a travel sized (small) woman with long light brown hair, and blue eyes. My real name is Amber (I only have “Miss Tree” as a user name to keep me focused on my current project a mystery novel])

Anyway, let me know if you are interested here, or you can let me know at River Rage tomorrow.

Miss Tree (AKA Amber)

Are you associated with any team??? I guess the real question is where would I be most likely to find you at River Rage???

If you see me please stop me and let me know who you are, free machine shop equipment is always a good thing - Especially to a grass roots based team like ours!

I am not yet associated with a team , but would like to be. The nearest one is located an hour’s drive from where I live.
I got to know about FIRST when my ex-husband got hired on at DEKA (Dean Kamen’s company in Manchester).
I went through a similar program in High School but instead of robots, it encompassed the entire cirriculum. I was disgusted that more people don’t know about it, so I thought I’d write a book featuring fictitious characters on a FIRST team to sort of help get the word out. With any luck it might actually get published someday.

You will most likely find me on Saturday amongst the spectators looking somewhat lost and bewildered. I’m really excited and looking forward to it though. The competition will be great for my research for the book.

Amber (AKA Miss Tree)

I’m definetly Intrested I’ll be there bright and early sat morning

maybe a sign of some sort to point you out in the crowd we would’nt want you to carry all those perfectly good tool bits back to the lakes regions now would we.

<---------- (Remember my face)

Hey Miss tree,

I never get your address, cause I have a couple people intrested in the other stuff you have, could you PM your address and phone number to me and we can talk to each other and work something out so I can take all that stuff you have.