more info on Israeli off season

The event is now beeing sponsered by the Technion, and will be held at the Technion’s Robotics Lab center.

ANY Israeli team member who sees this mail is asked to contact me at

Thanks =]

We currently have 6 teams in.
1574 - Israeli champion and Newton’s 2nd ranked is coming.
also 1 Israeli finalist, 2 Israeli semi finalists. and 2 quarter finalists.

among those who are thinking there is:
1 champion
1 engineering inspiration winner
3 quarter finalists


More updates about the Israeli Off Season event:

We currently have 9 teams coming to the event (which for a 1st year off season event in Israel, that’s alot!:ahh: )

The teams participating in the games in the event are:

1574 - Miscar, Misgav
1690 - Ort Hashomron, Binyamina
1943 - NeatTeam, Rosh Ha’ayin
1946 - Tamra, Tamra
1947 - Black Knight Robotics, Hadera
1950 - Ramot Hefer, Ma’aborot
2214 - Yemin Ord, Nir Etziyon
2230 - Zcharia’s Angels, Herzliya
2231 - OnyxTronix, Shoham.

There are many gracious volunteering teams (and mentors) from FIRST Israel team’s who are helping this event to become.

We’re looking forward for this event to being one of the best and most successful FIRST Off Season event in Israel done for the first time.

Hoping to see you all in the event (yes, even you guys from America, Europe, Asia and more :wink: )

Good luck to everyone this year!



can’t wait.

I literally live in the technion (the dorms) but I have no idea where this “robotics lab” is.

just to give you a scale of things there are more than 5 buildings in the technion named “canada building”… :rolleyes:

anyone have more specific details about the location?

(actually I think I know where it is now that I think of it but they would have to move a lot of very old robots… :o )

See everyone there and Ive got a living room to accommodate about 5 people (BYOSB - Bring Your Own Sleeping Bag :slight_smile: ) you can reach me @ 054-4253431


Hey guys don’t you forget team 2217 from Kiryat Motzkin!
Maybe we aren’t taking part in the games because our robot doesn’t feel well, but we are sending 3 students to volunteer and help set the field for the matches.

Another 2 students expressed interest in helping the judges.

So Kiryat Motzkin is there on your list and with a capital!

From the field update:

We will have the whole field built in about 2-3 hours.

Lots of cameras, lots of footages, and lots of VIPS!

It’s gonna be fun, and most of it will be on YouTube…

Stay updated =]

yeah! that was an awesome off season event!

I feel so tired! it was like a whole regional!
I had a blast MCing it and I enjoyed everyone’s sportsmanship. :]

we had a crooked field - with only 2 robots on each alliance :ahh: , but we had the best time ever and it was really really awesome!! :smiley:

we will always remember this as the first FIRST off season event in Israel , and we were all part of it! :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d like to thank Liron (Tottanka) for being the inspiration for it all and working so hard to make it a reality, and everyone at FIRST Israel who helped specifically Alicia and Her Husband who drove like 200 miles to get us some pieces for the Rack…

I hope everyone enjoyed it and I’ll see you all at the kickoff! :smiley:


I’m pretty sure I speak for the whole team when I say we had the craziest time =]

hoping to see this relationship between FIRST and the Technion evolving.

//too… tired… no… pics… today…

Well…Our team was planning on coming, but last minute issues canceled our participation with a robot…:frowning:

But nontheless! We had 2 members come in and volunteer with building the arena, other sorts of maintance for the event, taking pictures and soo on.

and we 2 members had a blast! Even from watching it from the side (which was really sad that we haven’t participated :frowning: ).

But we promise to do our best to bring all of our team (or most of them atleast) to next year’s Israel Off Season!

No official word about a 2008 Israel Off Season, but saty tuned. :wink:

Congratulations to all of the participating teams together! The event winners were 1950 and 1574, but I think we can all agree that all of the participating teams are winners of this event, for making this thing become.

B.T.W, we were thinking of giving a name to the event, something like Technion Tension or Technion Teroof(translated from hebrew, Technion Madness), but I think IOS will be good enough. :wink:

and I kept this last because this is most important!

Thank you to all the first entrepreneurs of this event, the great volunteers from many teams (and from ex-teams), to the teams that were willing to come to the event and make it happen and thank you to FIRST Israel, especially to Alisha MacIntyre (the Director of FIRST Israel), her husband and Adam Hillel.
Additional thanks to Costa, Nadav and Felix, the referees.

Thank you Leav, for taking a great responsibillty with the flow of the event, tech-wise and spirit-wise (and the awesome MoCing). You the man!

And last, but not least, and the most important in my opinion,

Thank you soooooooo much, Liron, for making this thing possible! it wasn’t bad,

it was just freagin’ completly awesome!!!
It really felt like a regional competition and I very firmly belive that this should give the motivation to some of the teams to start getting prepaired now to the 2008 FRC season in Israel.
The atmosphere and spirit brought into the event was just amazing and I hope we can keep those up into the coming regional, championship and next Off Season!
Without your enthusiasm Liron, we’d never start this thing.
Thank you for taking the huge amount of responsibillty for making sure that everything is prepaired, everthing is settled, everything is taken care of and making this a great event!
(BTW, great driving of you robot:cool: )

Thank you Tottanka!!!

It all started from 5-6 guys meeting at a mall to discuss FIRST stuff, and it rolled into the idea of an off season event, and it finally stopped at a succesful event with VIPs, more than 70 students (atleast!) and a very big great FIRST spirit.

I have a really big feeling that this is gonna’ be a great season for FIRST/FIRST Israel.

WOW! What an event! it was so** a-w-e-s-om-e **!!!

We had the best time ever! We even got to score in Autnonomous !!! yey =]

Nir Levanon covered all the thanks, but some, i shell mention them now.

Team 2231, for voulenteering in the pre-competition day and helping usall build that robot, and for agreeing to stay in an apartment of a crazy guy as myself. I’m sorry i don’t remember all the names, but i sure remember the faces!

the most importnat one you forgot to thanks, is yourself.
You, Nir, Aling with many more people made it happen. Without people like you i would not have the motivation. time and power to set this whole thing up.
You were a great score-keeper, DJ and a fun persont to talk to during the event. I could not stop lauging when you filled yourself with tubes :smiley:

I’d also like to ongratuale 1943 and 1946 for beeing in the final game.
Also, teams 2231, 2214 and 1947, had a geat show of skills, spirit and sportsmnaship. Thank you all so much.

Thanks again, again and again to Alishia, Rob and Adam for making it happen.

Last but not least, we should all thank the Technion for its support.
Proffesor Michael Shapiro, the Dean of Mechanical engineering, for letting us use the place and supporting our enthusiasm.

Proffesor Moshe Shoam, head of the Robotics Lab center in the Technion, for supporting us moraly and financialy.

And most important, Dr. Evgeny Kortchnoy, thans you so much for nagging them and believing in me that it all must happen.

This event got us a new rookie team in Israel, from Qiryat Yam. I will be mentoring them, and they will be awesome. If this event inspired one team to join, it already is worth all the trouble.

Thanks to all the voulenteers, i must mention them again, Leav Oz Ari, for beeing an MoC, Pit head and sevurity chief, all at the same time.

To Costa, Nadav and Felix for doing a great job as referees.

Thans you, Chief Delphi community for helping me on any issue i needed. i love you all, thanks so much!!

Soon to come are pictures and videos from our event.


Well what else is there I can write about that hasn’t been mentioned before?
Let’s see…

Aww first of all I don’t really remember how I got to hear about this event but I can assure you that I was dreaming about it coming day and night.
The fun and excitment of teams trying to hang tubes on the rack but not just it, also the whole atmosphere around it , I was missing it all so much!

I’m glad it could be realized and I could take active part in it, although just watching at the event from the side is fun enough for me as well!

It’s a pity that my team couldn’t participate but I believe that next time we will be there showing some skills!

I justed wanted to mention two other members of my team,that is team FOMHA 2217 who helped set the field and these team members were forgotten, not mentioned beforehand.
Ran Goldstein and Ronen Ashurov who came with me the day before the actual competition and helped with the building and setting-up of the field.
They are newbies in FIRST and let’s hope that they will enjoy being part of this community as much as I do.

Of course I would like to greet Miscar and congratulate them with their victory.
Good job guys!
Keep Going!

As soon as I get the raw footage from the photographer, whose name is… oh sorry I forgot, never mind…
Anyhow he is supposed to send it to me and once I get it I’ll make up some video clips and upload them to my team’s page on YouTube.
You are invited to check it out at:

If it’s still not there, be patient, I’m working on it.

And to Liron, this was really brave and inspiring from you to decide to go for it and not rest till the thing is done!
I wish we all could be as Liron, just study from him, he had a goal and he achieved it with a style , that’s a role model for all of us!

I hope we continue collaboration now that there is a rookie team from Kiryat Yam, another suburb of Haifa, a few minutes of walk away from my town, Kiryat Motzkin.
I will be flattered if you Liron invite me to mentor your team, you know I can give some pieces of advice about how to win the Rookie All Star award.

Good luck to all the Israeli teams this year!
May the best ones win and represent us all in Atlanta!


OOPS. sorry i forgot them =]
did you take medals for them?

They did a great jpb, and as the FTA, i will ask for your help in both the kick off and the regional event.


1574 2231 VS 1947 1946 score: 42 35
2214 1946 VS 1950 1574 score: 0 12

1950 1947 VS 2231 1943 score: 32 6
1946 1574 VS 2214 1950 score: 36 8

2214 1947 VS 1943 2231 score: 0 12
1947 2231 VS 1943 1574 score: 16 31

1574 1947 VS 1950 1943 score: 4 21
1950 1946 VS 2214 2231 score: 16 0

1943 2214 VS 1946 1947 score: 4 20
1950 2231 VS 1574 2214 score: 34 0

1946 1943 VS 1950 2214 score: 16 0


1950 picks 1574 and 2231(sub)
1946 picks 1943 and 1947(sub)

1950, 1574 and 2231 wins in 2 matches.

Pictures will be posted soon, along with videos.

Most improved robot was Hadera’ 1947.

disagree, 1950 changed their arm, significantly improving their play

1950, as i believe, did not build anything new, they just improved excisting parts.
Hadera built like 75% a new robot.

Now, now. No need for all of the “I’m better than you/them”. All teams that did some sort of improvement, in any matter, should be respected, some even congratulated.

They all are.

a video of pics from the event, by team 2217:

Congratulations on your first off season, guys!
It sounds like it was a great event.

Here’s to many many more!

Congrats guys! Can’t wait to see what you guys have planned for 2008.