More Laptops/netbooks

So I programming captain this year :slight_smile: and my team has more programmers on the programming sub-team as all of our previous years combined :yikes: , but also we are low on funds due to new PR leadership.
what would be a good idea for a few (about two or so, so that its more groups of 2 looking at the code and not groups of 4 using a mentors notebook as one) cheap notebooks that can run labview and aren’t as slow as the driverstation/classmate :rolleyes: .

What do you call cheap?
I think $1000 is a reasonable price for a MacBook Pro, but that probably wouldn’t be considered cheap.
Are you looking for something that comes with a Windows license?
It looks like the classmates are about $400. You can probably get something better for the same price (preferably with a CD drive). I would check

One thing that slows down computers is installing lots of software. If you want to use a cheap computer for programming, don’t install CAD software on it too. There are also system settings which can affect the computer performance.

Those look fine, pretty cheap for easily affording 3 for the price of 1

I actually would not recommend the iBook for running LabVIEW. NI has stopped supporting powerPC-based Macs, so unless you have a copy of LabVIEW 8.5, you won’t be able to run it.

The Dell laptop looks pretty good. Realize, however, that it’s only a 600MHz processor. You won’t see amazing performance out of it, but it will work. Expect builds to take around 2 minutes.

We just picked up a 15" inspiron from dell for $400 or so, not my personal tastes, but it is good for the pricerange.

If I were you, I would look for a local Computer store. They will always have used laptops to sell for cheap. Maybe you can find a good deal there. :slight_smile:

Walmart…$350 for a cheap full size laptop. New. With dvd drive.

I’ll second that. There’s no reason to be buying out dated or used equiptment when you can get a new machine for about $400 at WalMart.

It’s a dual core 1.66 ghz processor, much better then a netbook. You’re confusing the speed of the front side bus with the speed of the processor.

Hey, I got my 1.6 ghz c2d, 2 gb ram, 120 gb hdd thinkpad tablet off ebay for about 650 with a dock. I thought it was a pretty good deal considering it’s a tablet. Consider buying used (although it is a pain to sort through). Buy PC, they tend to be cheaper for similar performance (not a stab at apple, just something I’ve noticed). I’ve seen nice older models on ebay for about 400 which would be much better than what you would get new for 400.

Ebay, Ebay, Ebay.

Look for Dell Laptops coming back off corporate lease. $200-$225 for a 1.8 ghz intel with half a gigabyte of ram. I’ve bought 4 for various reasons (watching movies on my boat, etc). They’re cheap, durable, and best of all parts can be had off ebay for next to nothing.

For example:

Here is a higher end one:

Here is a mid-range-price one:

Here is a low end one:

All three will run labview with ease.

Thanks, I missed that.

why duo core? get one w/ a quad-core (they do make those for laptops, right?)

They’re making laptops now with 8 cores (i7), although those are much higher-end (macbooks, alienware, etc.)

Tom - Do you happen to have puzzled out a good set of search keywords I/we could use to sort through the Ebay clutter and home in on just these offers? If you have, please post a copy of the search query they create.


For example, here are the terms from one of my Vex searches: vex -chest -dress -guitar -drum -zvex -z.vex -skateboard -benchmade -“sol-vex” -“Vex Red” -“Diablo 2” -“Hi Hat” -halter -“E-Vex” -xbox -“C-Vex” -“Vex x4” -roost -Nintendo -handlebars -verde -exemplars -airtronics -MTG -neopets -“controller chip”

the i7 is only 4 core, but hyperthreaded to act like 8, tho amd is comin out with 6-core processors

For a cheap programming laptop, a single cored cpu would fit the bill better, for compiling code a multi cored processor just eats the battery faster I imagine.

I use this search term:

dell laptop dvd wifi xp -broken -damaged

Set your selections in the check boxes that will display on the left hand side to further refine it. I always put in 150-250 as a price range.

No matter who you use, make sure they’ve sold a ton of product and have a good rating. If you’re careful, you’ll end up with a latop bag and may even get a docking station out of the deal since many of these are corporate leases and they’re just trying to get rid of them.

Always make sure that they state it comes with an AC adapter and battery before you order - buyer beware of course. I just installed the new Beta Labview for FIRST 2011 on my 1.6, and it runs just fine.

alienware has 1 that lasts 6.5 hrs

I can’t get both “cheap programming laptop” and “alienware” to come into focus at the same time.