More Midwest Regional Pics

Here are some more pics from the Midwest Regional. Most are KillerBee centric, but there are plenty of others and the awards ceremonies. All the photos are full resolution if you click on the medium sized photo it will open in a new window (or right click to save-as).

NOTE: Selecting on “all” photos takes a long time to load because only the “favorites” are cached.

WMR Day 1: Favorites (53) All (218)

WMR Day 2: Favorites (321) All (996)

If anyone is interested, I can upload links to the last several years of events that I have photographed…


Please do! The photos you linked to are great and very easy to navigate and view.

Sounds good to me. I will start uploading 2007 photos in a new thread.

These are great! I love the nighttime Chicago skyline from the Planetarium. Thanks for sharing.

This is what happens when you don’t have your IR board working yet, long story short, our robocoach (mainly a lookout) left our joke card that said “Make Do Things” in the robocoach station.

It comes from the mechanical guys running in with a prototype during a programming meeting, yelling “Make Do THings! Make Do Things!!!”