More new AndyMark stuff!

There’s some cool stuff posted on the site recently. I’m liking the toughbox nano.

Keep up the awesome work A****M!

Where is the category that’s called “2010 different mechanisms-” Mechanisms that you can mount on top of the chassis that are available for the 2010 game.

Great stuff. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hahaha, we can’t let AM do everything for us :slight_smile:

The Nano Toughboxes look pretty cool!

Andy, is there any chance you can let teams know what the new optional ToughBox gear ratios are? Thanks

Overall Ratio: 12.75:1 (standard)

Optional Ratio 1: 5.95:1, using the 40 Tooth Output Gear and the 24 Tooth Cluster Gear

Optional Ratio 2: 8.45:1, using the 45 Tooth Output Gear and the 19 Tooth Cluster Gear

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Those gear ratios have already been available for at least a year or so; a pre-season design I was working on last fall used the 45:19 gears for the second stage of the gearbox. :wink:

Unless a team is buying spur gear stock, AndyMark has pretty much unbeatable prices for stock 20dp gears.

A Toughbox Nano would’ve been great this season (quick, who else has had to wedge their gearboxes in odd places to accommodate a mechanism?); I bet we’ll see a fair number of these next year in various forms.

One question I have: Does anyone have a good source (including an item page magically appearing on AndyMark’s site) on the perforated PVC sheet as seen in the assembled 6WD base? I come from a land of pegboard electronics panels, and they’re quite nice–but something a little more durable could be a nice alternative.

I’m pretty sure that’s aluminum, not plastic.

“Plastic Perforated Sheet Plastic (1/8” thick gray PVC)"- From the AM site
Its not available at your friendly ACE Hardware, Lowes, or Home Depot?

From the look of it, the plastic sheet looks a lot like the Sintra PVC Foam board that I used to make the “armour bits” for my Darth Vader costume several years ago.

One source is But I looked around at my local plastics supply shops and sign shops. It is primarily used in sign making.

The reason that it is great for costume making, however, is that it can be thermoformed at very low temperatures… I could put it in the oven (yes, in the kitchen) at 225, leave it there for a few minutes then take it out wearing my winter gloves and wrap it around my shin (I had jeans and boots on) and hold it there while it cooled. It formed up quite nicely and has held up through several hallowe’ens.


darth mr vader.jpg

darth mr vader.jpg

Did you try any mind tricks this season? “Those are not the trailers you are looking to score in.”

You can find find the PVC material at McMaster-Carr. P/N: 92985T25 looks to be similar to the photo. There are a variety of options for hole diameter and alignment available.

Idea: Move the Nano’s output shaft to the other side and you have a good starting point for a swerve module…

EDIT: Did the math, and you could fit a 4" wheel underneath the CIM if you did this - albeit barely.

Can be found here.

Cool…You guys always have great designs and strong stuff.

Looks like AM is going to distribute the new Team221 Wild Swerve Modules:

Gotta love AndyMark! Your one stop robot drive shop!

I bet the new battery mount is 357’s design … it was interesting to that idea in the 2007 behind the design book.

Is there a better picture available of this? The one on AM is just a logo right now and I’m curious.

If I remember correctly, there’s a better picture in the behind the design book.

i believe that is it

The Youtube clip explains it well. Thanks!