More Problem With Accelerometer

We are having problems getting our accelerometer to work consistently. It works then when we run our program again it stops, then its starts work after another restart. Could it be LabView or our accelerometer?

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Since the accelerometer is an analog sensor, it should not be the issue. I have to say it’s a LabView issue.

It could be the accelerometer, but it’s not very likely.

Can you please explain a little more

What do you want me to explain?

What exactly do “works” and “stops” mean here? How are you using the sensor? What code are you running to read it?

Ok So when we First start up our robot we get normal results
after a couple of minutes if stops giving us readings

Try hooking up a potentiometer and see if the readings stop working after a few minutes as well.

If the potentiometer continues giving a good reading, then your accelerometer is broken. If the potentiometer stops working after a few minutes, then it’s a programming issue or a more serious issue with the cRIO.

Without anyone here knowing exactly what you’re trying and without more details, we cannot really help.