More Publicity...???

Posted by Matt Ryan at 03/30/2001 6:47 PM EST

Student on team #69, HYPER, from Quincy Public Schools and Gillette.

Here’s an idea to get more publicity for FIRST: e-mail/write to major newspapers (major LOCAL papers, that is) and to major local news channels (e.g. Channels 4, 5, and 7), and tell them about the program and when competition dates are and give them links to past competitions.

Well, what do you think? Do you think it has any chance at all of working? Any suggestions?

Posted by David Kelly at 03/30/2001 6:57 PM EST

Student on team #234, Cyber Blue, from Perry Meridian High School [IUPUI] and Rolls-Royce/NASA KSC/ NEC/ Trilithic/ Peregrine/.

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Posted by Matt Ryan on 03/30/2001 6:47 PM EST:

Channel 13 (a local news station in Indianapolis) is going to have a news crew down on Friday and maybe Saturday of the competition. We were on (13) on Monday of this week after we were champions the the Motorola Midwest Regional. They are comming down to do updates on our teams progress and just to see what the competition is like. This could be a big step for Indianapolis to spread the word of FIRST because we are the only team in Indianapolis.

David Kelly
Student Captain/ Webmaster/ Driver
CB Team 234

“Members of the 710pts allince”

Posted by Andy Baker at 03/31/2001 1:27 AM EST

Engineer on team #45, TechnoKats, from Kokomo High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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Posted by David Kelly on 03/30/2001 6:57 PM EST:

Wow! Channel 13 is the best in Indy… that is pretty good, and suprising that they will be down in Indy. Send 'em over to our pit when you’re done with them, David!

Andy B.

Posted by Jessica Boucher at 03/31/2001 3:41 PM EST

Student on team #237, Sie-H2O-Bots, from Watertown High School and Eastern Awning Systems & The Siemon Company.

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Posted by Matt Ryan on 03/30/2001 6:47 PM EST:

News releases are sent out to all the teams’ local stations that are in the finals, as well as after the competition.

-Jessica B, #237, whose job last year was to stand on the media platform and watch the finals…red alliance numbers written on my left hand, blue alliance on my right…and as SOON as the finals were over, fly through the croud to the media tent so we could start faxing again :wink:

Posted by Carolyn Duncan at 04/02/2001 7:56 AM EST

Student on team #495, The Pack, from Jamestown High School and VBEP/Raytheon/Saic.

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Posted by Matt Ryan on 03/30/2001 6:47 PM EST:

I’ve tried e-mailing ESPN to see if they will be in Orlando. Everyone keeps telling me to e-mail someone else. So now about 20 people at ESPN know what’s going on but who knows what will happen. A local news station in Norfolk, Va came to Williamsburg to film our robot the weekend before shipping. We did some practice stuff and it went on the 5:00 and the local 24 hour news station. People here know about it now and have come by our school to see us.
Team 495