More questions about Dewalt transmissions

Our team is trying to come up with a way to attach an axel to the output shaft of the dewalt transmission, and we would like to know how other teams have done it or suggestions to do this. Please post pics of possible.

I have read the transmissions can shift on the fly, but how well do they shift under a heavy load? If we were in second gear and started to push against annother robot and shifted down to first gear, would the transmissiom hold up or break?


If my memory is not playing tricks on me, back in the early stages of working with the Dewalts, Chief Delphi built a prototype chassis with the wheels.

we made a steel tube with a stepped inside diameter. The tube screwed on to the output shaft of the Dewalt and we could put the Left hand chuck screw in through the other side. We also had a cross pin that we pressed in after attaching to shaft with the LH screw. This pin transferred torque to the wheel.

We didn’t support the shaft other than the support that the Dewalt gave it.

It worked okay, but it was marginal in my opinion. I really can’t recommend it unless you support the end of the shaft away from the Dewalt.

Even with the support, it seems to be less than ideal. If you have a good reason to do this, it may be worth the bother, but in general, I suppose a chain will serve you better.

Joe J.

Thanks for the idea. Would you know what thread size is on the out put shaft on the dewalt transmission?


We don’t use the yellow housing. We custom mount the naked transmission instead.

We use this for the final drive. It replaces the DeWalt 0.3" x 0.25" double-D disk so that we can drive a 1/2" keyed shaft.