More realistic drivetrain simulation in pyfrc

After my teams were done for the season, I’ve been spending a few weeks doing math and physics in an effort to improve the simulation of drivetrains in pyfrc. With help from the drivetrain characterization paper by team 449, @calcmogul, and others, I’ve got something that feels pretty good AND should be easy for you to set up!

The new model is available in pyfrc 2018.4.0. As always, documentation is on read the docs:

All robotpy physics examples have been updated to use this more realistic model. There’s also a new drivetrain characterizer example that makes it easier to obtain actual values of ka/kv for your robot.

Try it out, let me know how it works for you!

That looks amazing (especially the drivetrain characteristics)! I only wish there was a Java version. But great work! Thanks so much for the python library and simulator, it has really helped me cope with offseason.