MORE Robotics 1714 2010

Here is some video of our 2010 Robot in action. I believe some pictures should be coming up soon also.

very solid robot once agian from 1714. cant wait to see you guys at Milwaukee:cool:

Best music of any ship video so far. :smiley:

Perhaps I’m biased, but I LOVE it. Sticking to one aspect of the game and making it work extremely well. Very simple and effective. Hopefully I’ll be joining you guys at the Championship this year, you guys better get there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking very good. Although I’m disapointed not to see the ‘clear crab’ drive, I think you should have another sucessful year. I assume that is a suction device? Good lucks?

I’m loving those wheels! Have you ever done experiments do see how much you can mill out before your factor of safety gets too small?

You always seem to approach the ball pretty slowly, if you go to fast does it bounce away from you before the sucker gets a good grip? Did you guys go with the a shopvac impeller?

Seems like an elims worthy robot to me! :slight_smile:

We made them out of solid poly, we wanted them heavy because they are the lowest possible part of our robot. They weigh around 2 lbs each.

And we approach the ball slowly because the camera is tracking the ball and getting it for us.

Ok, maybe not yet. We go slow because we have not had much practice, the second the ball touches the fan it does not let go.

Cool robot as always, digging the clear.

Ready to have some fun at 10000 lakes with the only team lower numbered than us.