MORE Robotics 1714 - 2012 Video

Here is our 2012 robot unveil video.

Since this game is similar to Aim High, which was our rookie year, I thought it would be cool to put in little clips of our old robots, to show our improvements over the years.

Here is a list of specs:
Drive train:
AM Gen 2 Transmissions
4 Cims
4 Wheel drive
Low gear 5 fps
High gear 13 fps

Double sided intake
Clear PVC rollers

340 degrees of rotation (limited by software)
2 Fischer price motors for shooter wheels

As usual all Polycarbonate.

Feel free to ask any questions.

WOW. This is one of the best looking robots i have seen on video this season. How were able to fit all of your electronics and your drivetrain plus a double sided intake into a package that looks to be under 30 inches tall? I am both excited and scared to see this robot at the Wisconsin Regional. Amazing job.

Same here. How much of that is Lexan? What are the weight savings compared to metal? 1 month to go!

Everything is polycarbonate except the PVC rollers and the acetyl gear on the turret. We make everything we can out of it. It weighs 112 pounds. We work out of a plastic fabrication shop, so the material is a natural choice. As for the weight compared to aluminum, polycarbonate is less dense than aluminum, but we have to use more of it to maintain structure. We “pocket” the material on a CNC router to reduce weight. That is what the white spots are.

Our electrical team had a tough time fitting everything on the robot, but they did a great job. We also have pneumatics for shifting. It’s a little cramped but we made everything fit.

I love how your robots have a unique signature look. Hopefully, we get paired together at Wisconsin.

I’ll round out the Alliance if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Roll cage=best thing I’ve seen so far this year.

very cool, I look forward to seeing your polycarb robot every year. They always look so darn cool.

(the roll cage reminds me of team 86 in 2010 if anyone remembers there robot)

It is a pretty awesome feature. We didnt decide to add it until very late, and I was a bit skeptical of how it would turn out. Im very impressed with what they came up with, and it works great so far.

Wow such a cool robot, I look forward to getting a closer look at Wisconsin!

Looks like someone had the same idea as us. Grabbing balls from both sides is going to be a great treat. But besides that, see you guys at Duluth and WI!

'Nuff said.

like so many have already said, that is one slick robot. the roll cage is extremely well done…although i’m assuming you hope you’ll never have to rely on it :wink: deffinitely looking forward to competing with you guys in Wisconsin again. hopefully we’ll get a chance to continue our winning ways whenever we’ve been paired up in the past…or, at least, get a chance to join you on the coopertition bridge.

Very Cool !!! nice to see other teams using materials other than standard kop stuff,