MORE Robotics 1714 2022 CAD & Code Release

Hey everybody!
Team 1714, MORE Robotics, is glad to release the CAD model and code of our 2022 build season robot!
CAD Model:Onshape

This year has been an exciting one. Although we didn’t start the beginning of the year the best with our first regional, Northern Lights, with ranking 47th overall (although winning the Gracious Professionalism award kind of made up for it), we improved immensely for the Wisconsin Regional. After ranking 23rd overall for the whole event, we got chosen by Team #706 Cyberhawks and, Team #93 NEW Apple Corps to be on an alliance with them and got to the semi-finals. Getting to the semi-finals hasn’t happened for us for the past 5 YEARS! Although MORE Robotics didn’t qualify for the Championships this year, our team had a fantastic time and learned plenty.
MORE Robotics is also planning to participate in some off-season events this year (Lazer Lights, Lakeshore, and 930’s event) and can’t wait to see you there!

We are already “Charged Up” for the next build season! See you then!


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