More Robotics Products

You can buy FIRST logo earrings at

More descriptions of them in the link.

These look great, laser cutting is a neat technology.

Somewhat off topic, I’m curious to know if it’s possible to sell t-shirts/merchandise with the FIRST logo on it?

I’m not sure. We sent a business plan to FIRST requesting to use their logo and they said we could, and could sell the earrings. I cant tell you too much other than that because I’m not part of that group.

Those are awesome! I’ve seen similar earrings around, but I’ve never known where to get a pair. I think I have to buy myself some now. :smiley:

These are so cool! I wear them for every competition and demonstration.

The site is down due to some internet issues here at the workshop, but we’ll have it up soon. Keep checking back!

Broken link. :frowning: