More scales and Fitting boxes

Last year the biggest choke point was the scales and the fitting box.
Can FIRST maybe supply each division two or three of these items?
After the robots were weighed and sized, we would go to the teams pits and finish the inspection.
Just my $.02 and I may be weigh off :rolleyes:

Admit it. This is the only reason you made this post isn’t it?:slight_smile:

They should have eight of each at least to go with the eight fields. I would think a forward looking FIRST staffer would just have to make it happen.

There are only 7 fields at the Championship, but they do all have Inspection crates. Since the Inspection stations are adjacent to each other, it would not be hard to have three boxes and three scales at each pair of stations. I will try and remember to mention this during set-up.

I meant there area at least 8 total fields because there are weeks with 8 and 9 events occuring. FIRST would just have to divert an extra inspection setup to Atlanta after week 5.

I agree with you though that adding at least 2 more will help.

Looks like Bill heard you.

Guys there were only two inspection stations set up at Champs last year until we were able to find the crates and pull them out. That occurred between 11 and 12 on Thursday.